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You can now use our online services on your Smartphone!!


You can now:


     - Order repeat prescriptions


     - Securely message their practice


     - Update personal details e.g. change of address


     - View your records


all on the go with your smartphone!


Free on Android and iOS

There are many more apps that are safe and trusted by the NHS that you may find useful. Visit

Patient Access has partnered with Apple to launch a world first:

a mobile personal health record that allows you to monitor your health in real time with wearable devices and apps and then share that data with your doctor to keep them in the loop.


Once you connect Apple Health to your Patient Access account, we will securely save your data to your Personal Health Record which you will be able to manage through Patient Access.


Your GP can only view your record with your consent during consultation and can use the data you collected to build a complete picture of your health - allowing you to become a real partner in your own healthcare and wellbeing for the first time ever.


For more information about Patient Access and Apple Health, please click here.

Patient Access with Apple Health

The simple way to share data with your GP available on iOS 8

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