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Nail Cutting Services

If you do not meet the criteria for NHS Podiatry you can visit one of these centres:

Bridge Renewal Trust.

Laurels Healthy Living Centre,

256, St. Ann’s Road, London N15 5AZ

AGE UK at Drovers centre.

North Road. Islington London, N7 9EY

Please call 020 7607 7701 to book your place.

10am-3pm. Cost: £15.Last Monday monthly.

Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist can also provide a list of local HCPC registered Podiatrists

2nd floor Quartz House, 207, Providence Square,

Mill Street, London SE1 2EW 020 7234 8620

We are unable to recommend a particular service and we are also not able to accept responsibility for the service provided by any of the local external companies providing a nail cutting service listed above.

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