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Booking Appointments

Emergency Appointments

If you need an appointment on the day these can be booked by telephone appointment line only at 8am or at 6.30pm.  Please understand that if you come to the surgery to book your appointment you will be jumping in front of the queue, this is unfair to patients waiting on the line for an appointment, therefore we will not book you an appointment if you walk in.


When you phone to book an emergency appointment, we will ask you the reason for the appointment to be able to identify the best service for you.


Telephone lines open at 8.00 AM.


NEW SERVICE: You can phone your practice and request an Extended Access appointment at a local surgery and with an Islington GP or nurse, between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week

Regular Non-Urgent Appointments

All regular routine appointments are also booked on the day at 8am.


To book a non-emergency appointments (if you do not need to be seen on the day due to a clinical emergency situation), please use the Your Practice accuRx link which is on our homepage.


If you cannot find this, please click the following link:


Home Visits

The surgery is the best place for us to see anyone, but sometimes we may need to see you at home.


Every request for a home visit will be assessed by a doctor.


We allocate some home visits each day but concentrate on providing surgery appointments so that more people can be seen throughout the day.


To help us we ask you to:


  •     Telephone as early as possible if you wish to be seen the same day.

  •     Cancel any appointments you cannot do as early as possible so that the time can be made available to somebody else.

  •     Request emergency or urgent appointments only when absolutely necessary and restrict the consultation to that urgent      problem only.

  •     Observe the 'one patient, one appointment rule' and not to compromise the doctor by asking him to treat other family          members at the same time.

  •     Not request a home visit unless the patient is too ill to be brought to surgery

  •     Ensure that requests for home visits are made before 10.00am

  •     Confine requests for night visits for complaints that really cannot wait until the next day's surgery

Now you can book a routine appointment with a GP or Nurse from 8AM to 8PM, Monday to Sunday

 Just phone us on 020 7272 3155 and ask for a Extended Access appointment. 

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