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Website Accessibility


Our website has the following accessibility features:


  • Full compliance with prevalent online accessibility standards.
  • Compatibility with screen readers.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to facilitate navigation around the site. Underlined single letters in navigation links show the keyboard shortcut letter.
  • Content language can be set and changed using Google Translate.
  • Font size can be changed by controls within the site. - If you wish to do so, please see the guides below for adjusting the default style, size & colour of standard fonts used in web pages on your computer, as well as changing the background colour:


                                  Internet Explorer - //



                                  Firefox - //



                                  Google Chrome - //



                                  Safari - //



(the BBC My Web My Way link below also has practical guides for Safari)


Further help


If you:


  • Have problems seeing the screen
  • Find it difficult to use the mouse or keyboard
  • Need help with language or reading websites


The BBC's 'My Web My Way' site // provides advice on how to make your computer easier to use.




                       For more guidance on accessibility in Windows or Microsoft Office, visit Microsoft's accessibility pages at




                       For guidance on accessibility in Apple's iOS (used on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch), visit




                       For help with accessibility on devices running Android, visit




                      For help with accessibility on devices running Mac OSX, visit

























AbilityNet is a UK charity dedicated to helping disabled people use computers and the internet. The 'My Computer My Way' section of their website contains a collection of useful guides to making changes that help you see websites and applications more clearly



SignVideo are a Video Relay Services and Video Remote Interpreting provider in the UK. We provide British Sign Language (BSL) video interpreting services to enable communication between the community of over 150,000 deaf BSL users in the UK and hearing people. Our relay service allows users to make and receive BSL interpreted video calls so that they can effectively and effortlessly communicate with each other. This happens through a professional video interpreter who relays the call between BSL and English.  This service is available instantly on tablets, smartphones, computers and laptops via apps and software. We are also a Video Remote Interpreting provider, offering BSL video interpretation on site, when two people are co-located.



NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice. You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant area of text with a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard. NVDA can also convert the text into braille if the computer user owns a device called a “braille display”.



Action Hearing Loss are experts in helping people with hearing loss, and their friends and families. So if you're looking for guidance on meeting your day-to-day needs, this section can help you find what you need – from residential care to reablement and respite.



The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and help everyone affected by sight loss. Whether you’re losing your sight or you’re blind or partially sighted, their practical and emotional support can help you face the future with confidence.




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